Professor Dr. Marco Danelutto visits PUCRS

On 29th and 30th of March, Professor Dr. Marco Danelutto, from the University of Pisa (Italy), with which GMAP has a partnership, conducted a visit at PUCRS in order to attend the thesis presentation of his guiding Dalvan Griebler and to act as a member of the committee for the master defense researcher Cleverson Ledur's dissertation. Professor Danelutto also held a lecture entitled "Perspectives in Parallel Computing" with the following summary:

"Parallel devices are pervasive: from mobile phones to supercomputers we have the possibility to exploit multiple general purpose cores as well as specialized parallel coprocessors (GPGPUs and FPGAs). New programming models are needed to manage the available computing resources and to benefit from their continuously increasing possibilities.  Starting from pioneering work that dates back in the last century, we will outline the possibilities currently offered to parallel programmers and discuss the trends in industry and academia related to parallel programming. In particular, we will present and discuss the possibilities offered by structured parallel programming frameworks, such as those based on algorithmic skeletons and parallel design patterns, including facilities to support autonomic management of nonfunctional features of parallel applications."

Professor Dr. Marco Danelutto presenting the lecture "Perspectives in Parallel Computing"

Prof. Dr. Luiz Gustavo Fernandes, Prof. Dr. Marco Danelutto and Dr. Dalvan Griebler

In the lecture, Prof. Danelutto presented the current context of the High Performance domain, highlighting the necessity to abstract programming complexities and to facilitate the creation of parallel software using new interfaces. He also presented FastFlow, a library developed by his research group which allows the creation of parallel software using patterns and parallel programming skeletons.

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