I GMAP Scientific Initiation Workshop

The 1st GMAP Scientific Initiation Workshop was held at 2:00 pm of friday, October 14th, 2016. Organized by GMAP members Dalvan Griebler and Cleverson Ledur, four scholars of Scientific Initiation have participated: 

  • Lucas Sartori Piatnicki with the project entitled "Systematic Review: Elastic MapReduce Applications in Computing Clouds";
  • Gabriell Araujo, with the project entitled "Performance Evaluation: A Comparison of Frameworks for Multi-Core Parallelism Data Mining Algorithms";
  • Renato Hoffmann, with the project entitled "Case Study: A Video Streaming Application Supporting Parallelism with SPar";
  • Junior Loff, with the project entitled "Case Study: MapReduce Applications with FastFlow".

The workshop included the presence of GMAP coordinator Luiz Gustavo Fernandes and other members of GMAP, as well as guests.

Held at FACIN's auditorium 517 FACIN, the event also featured a coffee break between participants.

Image: the participants of the 1st GMAP Scientific Initiation Workshop.

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