GMAP Researcher Presents PHD Thesis

On Wednesday January 18th, Andriele Busatto do Carmo (GMAP researcher), presented her PHD thesis at the Faculty of Informatics (FACIN) of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS).  The presentation took place in the conference room, building 40, at 08:30 AM.

Dissertation title and abstract:


In recent years, researchers of the High Performance Computing (HPC) community have proposed solutions for the problem of high energy consumption in large scale distributed platforms, as the energy consumption increases proportionally to the computational power. Besides the cost of electric bills, the main problem of the high energy consumption of HPC platforms are the emissions of greenhouse gases. For this purpose, several energy-aware heuristics have been developed for scheduling applications in clusters, grids and clouds. However, performance is still required for such an application. The trade-off between energy consumption and execution time is not easy to achieve. Furthermore, resources heterogeneity is the key to improve the efficiency of energy efficient schedulers. To solve the problem of energy consumption in computational grids, we developed a new power-aware scheduling heuristic that tries to find the solutions with better trade-off between energy consumption and execution time of Bag-of-Tasks (BoT) applications in computational grids. Additionally, we evaluate and discuss the impact of resources heterogeneity over energy efficient schedulers. This evaluation helps to understand how Resource Management Systems (RMS) could contribute with energy consumption reduction by being aware of local schedulers and thus provide better resources.

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Luiz Gustavo Leão Fernandes 
Committee: Prof. Dr. Tiago Coelho Ferreto (PPGCC/PUCRS), Prof. Dr.  Claudio Fernando Resin Geyer (UFRGS) e Dr. Rodrigo Neves Calheiros (Western Sydney University)

The student has passed.

Dr. Andriele Busatto do Carmo in the thesis presentation.

Photo taken by occasion of Doctor degree presentation of  Andriele Busatto do Carmo's thesis.   On-picture,  Dr. Rodrigo Neves Calheiros (Western Sydney University) (on screen), Prof. Dr.  Claudio Fernando Resin Geyer (UFRGS), Dra. Andriele Busatto do Carmo,  Prof. Dr. Luiz Gustavo Fernandes and Prof. Dr. Tiago Coelho Ferreto (PPGCC/PUCRS).

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