Defesa de dissertação de mestrado de pesquisador do GMAP

Nesta terça feira, dia 31 de março, Daniel Couto Adornes (pesquisador do GMAP), estará fazendo defesa da sua dissertação de mestrado, na Faculdade de Informática da Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio grande do Sul.

A defesa será realizada às 10 horas, na sala 516 do prédio 32.

A seguir, o título e resumo da dissertação:

Título: A unified MapReduce programming interface for multi-core and distributed architectures

Resumo: In order to improve performance, simplicity and scalability of large datasets processing, Google proposed the MapReduce parallel pattern. This pattern has been implemented in several ways for different architectural levels, achieving significant results for high performance computing. 
However, developing optimized code with those solutions requires specialized knowledge in each framework's interface and programming language. Recently, the DSL-POPP was proposed as a framework with a high-level language for patterns-oriented parallel programming, aimed at abstracting complexities of parallel and distributed code. 
Inspired on DSL-POPP, this work proposes the implementation of a unified MapReduce programming interface with rules for code transformation to optimized solutions for shared-memory multi-core and distributed architectures. The evaluation demonstrates that the proposed interface is able to avoid performance losses, while also achieving a code and a development cost reduction from 41.84\% to 96.48\%. Moreover, the construction of the code generator, the compatibility with other MapReduce solutions and the extension of DSL-POPP with the MapReduce pattern are proposed as future work.

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