Artigo de Pesquisadores do GMAP Aceito no AICCSA 2015

O artigo com título "Towards a Domain-Specific Language for Geospatial Data Visualization Maps with Big Data Sets" criado pelos pesquisadores Cleverson Ledur, Dalvan Griebler, Isabel H. Manssour e Luiz Gustavo Fernandes foi aceito no AICCSA (12th ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications) 2015.​

Abstract: Data visualization is an alternative for representing information and helping people gain faster insights. However, the programming/creating of a visualization for large data sets is still a challenging task for users with low-level of software development knowledge. Our goal is to increase the productivity of experts who are familiar with the application domain. Therefore, we proposed an external Domain-Specific Language (DSL) that allows massive input of raw data and provides a small dictionary with suitable data visualization keywords. Also, we implemented it to support efficient data filtering operations and generate HTML or Javascript output code files (using Google Maps API). To measure the potential of our DSL, we evaluated four types of geospatial data visualization maps with four different technologies. The experiment results demonstrated a productivity gain when compared to the traditional way of implementing (e.g., Google Maps API, OpenLayers, and Leaflet), and efficient algorithm implementation.

​O artigo será apresentado no evento entre os dias 17 e 20 de Novembro de 2015 em Marraquexe, Marrocos.

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