GMaVis is an external domain-specific language (DSL) that facilitates the creation of visualization of geospatial information by using multi-core architectures to process data in parallel. Its compiler abstracts complexities from the whole visualization creation process, even in the data pre-processing phase. Also, it allows domain users with low-level knowledge in computer programming to create these visualizations through a high-level description language. These users can easily do it with a few lines of code, using simple declarations and blocks to express visualization details. Currently, GMaVis supports the creation of three types of geospatial visualization: markedmap, clusteredmap and
heatmap. GMaVis has a short and simple grammar.

GMaVis' compiler is used to recognize GMaVis' code and transform it in a geospatial data visualizations.

In order to use this compiler, you must inform the file with GMaVis'code.



bin/gmavis [-i/--input] <arg> [-o/--output] <arg> [-p/--parallel] <arg>



bin/gmavis -i examples/heatmap_accidents_poa.vis -o out.html -p 2

To see all GMaVis options:

    bin/gmavis -h

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