VII Nvidia GPU Workshop was great!

VII Nvidia GPU Workshop was great, which was organized by Nvidia, PUCRS, and GMAP.  The event happened Friday 10/11/2017 at PUCRS.  Since the beginning, there were a lot of people. We estimated 200 people in the event, which were researchers, investors, students, startups, and industry. Reference:

Dra. Andriele Busatto do Carmo em sua defesa de tese.

GMAP Researcher Presents PHD Thesis

On Wednesday January 18th, Andriele Busatto do Carmo (GMAP researcher), presented her PHD thesis at the Faculty of Informatics (FACIN) of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS).  The presentation took place in the conference room, building 40, at 08:30 AM. Dissertation title and abstract: Título: EXPLOITING RESOURCE HETEROGENEITY ON COMPUTATIONAL GRIDS…