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Manssour, Isabel H; Fernandes, Luiz Gustavo ; Freitas, Carla Maria ; Serra, Gustavo ; Nunes, Thiago

High performance approach for inner structures visualisation in medical data Journal Article doi

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology (IJCAT), 22 (1), pp. 23-33, 2005.

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Castro, Márcio Bastos; Baldo, Lucas Janssen; Fernandes, Luiz Gustavo; Raeder, Mateus; Velho, Pedro

A Parallel Version for the Propagation Algorithm Proceeding doi

Springer, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2005.

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Baldo, Lucas; Fernandes, Luiz Gustavo; Roisenberg, Paulo; Velho, Pedro; Webber, Thais

Parallel PEPS Tool Performance Analysis Using Stochastic Automata Networks Inproceedings

Euro-Par 2004 Parallel Processing, 10th International Euro-Par Conference (10th Euro-Par'04), pp. 214–219, Springer-Verlag, Pisa, Italy, 2004.

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Brenner, Leonardo; Fernandes, Luiz Gustavo; Fernandes, Paulo; Sales, Afonso

Performance Analysis Issues for Parallel Implementations of Propagation Algorithm Inproceedings doi

15th International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing (SBAC-PAD), pp. 183-191, IEEE Computer Society, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2003.

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Denneulin, Y; Fernandes, Luiz Gustavo; Maillard, Nicolas

Parallelizing a Dense Matching Region Growing Algorithm for an Image Interpolation Application. Journal Article

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Techniques (PDPTA), 2001.



Kolberg, Mariana; Bohlender, Gerd; Fernandes, Luiz Gustavo

An efficient approach to solve very large dense linear systems with verified computing on clusters Journal Article doi

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 22 (2), pp. 299-316, 0000.

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